4 Gedanken zu “Heute scheint die Sonne (c) Aquarell von Hanka Koebsch

  1. Thanks for the thanks for the pin:) Viewing beauty and creativity on Pinterest is an assurance of the continuing existence of the hope filled talents and joyful desires of mankind. I use it to motivate my own creativity and also as a calming „medication of choice“ for coping with some of the more concerning and painful aspects of modern life. Especially now when fear-monging and self-encapsulating ideology threatens the realization and longevity of precious liberties, including the freedom to love our neighbors. I adore this image as, chaotic world aside, my most elementary hope is that we all find it in our hearts to live and behave in ways that ensure all of humanity the opportunity to grow old with those we love. Thanks for your artful contribution to joy and calm.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Specially this one. I see myself and dear husband of 53 years as we go walking most mornings. Thanks. Maree. Born in Germany in 1946 and still hope to go back one day.

    1. Hello Marianna, Thank you for your feedback on my wife’s watercolor. We are always happy when other people like our pictures. Best regards from the Baltic Sea to Australia. Frank

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